Friday, July 6, 2018


This is my hour of code classic maze certificate it was hard it was as hard as metal.

Some thing I liked about doing this was it was games I use to like.

Some thing I didn't like was it took me like a whole entire term. 


This is a article from kiwi kids news it is fortnite in real life. 
I got all the pictures from parts of the video.

Some thing I like About doing this was watching the video.

Some thing I didn't like was screen shoting all these pictures and placing them in order.

Some thing I will do next time is put in some texts.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Matariki stars

Some thing I liked About doing this was setting the stars.

Something I didn't like about it is that I had to keep on copying and pasting it.

MADE BY: Maika and Te Kawana.

WALT: Organise and follow the structure of a recount.

On Friday Room 1 does tuhi mai tuhi atu and writes thoughtful
and kind comments to Mr Wards classes blogs.

Firstly we find a blog on the class that we focus on.
Secondly we read it and think about what should we write about
for our comment.

Lastly we write our blog comment and make sure it is thoughtful
and kind.

This is what we do for tuhi mai tuhi atu. Something I enjoy is
seeing how interesting the blogs are.

Something I liked about this was typing it up on the chrome book.

Something I did not like about it is restarting because
it took me a long time to come up with a intro.

Friday, June 15, 2018

s.t.e.m week three

Today we had stem I did science we were experementing I made the rising black hole I mixed food colouring, flour, backing soda and white vinergar then it started to rise. It was awesome but then it got out of control and blew up.

something I liked was making the experments.

somet thing I didn't like was cleaning up.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Magic Biscuits

Brian had often bought things from the market that had turned
out to be the most outrageous, disappointing fakes.

He had presumed that the magic biscuits would have been
exactly the same. How wrong had he been
He had been so wrong Brian was thinking to himself that he
shouldn’t of read the ingredients to see if they were the same
ones he would usually buy Then it was another. Day he took his
car and went to the markets went to go look
for the magic biscuits that
would change
them back to size. After a few hours he had found a magical
shop that had
down from the top.
He  was in so much luck but then all his luck turned someone
took the biscuits and the shop was giving them out for free and
that person who got the biscuits had the same problem.

What had happened when Brian fed the biscuits to his dogs?
The dogs got as big a as truck.
How quickly did they grow to this size do you think?
I think that the biscuits had a secret ingredient that had
a growing
Did Brian give the biscuits to anything/anyone else?
Probably not because you might of seen it in the back round.
Have the creatures stopped growing?
Yes. because you might of seen their mouth getting bigger
in side of
the tire.
How will Brian keep them as pets?
He will get a cage as big as theme park.
What are the benefits/problems with having such enormous
People might think that they are Not dogs and think they are
that are wing less.
Is there a way for Brian to restore his animals to their original
Yes because he can go back to the market and get
biscuits that change them back to their size.

Digital Dig

some thing i liked about this was trying to find a video because I learnt new things.

some thing i didn't like about this was trying to figer the new buttons for the digital dig.