Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Answer the following questions in full sentences:
1.    What does the poet compare cats to?It compares it to an army person.
2.    What does the poet mean when it says….commandos of the garden?commando means that it is like a army person that is like a sergeant and to protect the garden from the mice .

Use the thesaurus to find a word which means the same as:
  • combat means that you are in fighting position kinda thing.
  • Stealthily is you being as quiet as you can.
  • I think it means you are  confident.
combat, raid, stealthily.

  • List 4 nouns and 3 verbs

  • Stealthily
  • Combat
  • camouflage
  • Coat
  • Grass
  • Unsuspecting
  • commandos

the fun thing about this is when we right nouns and verbs because when we write stealthily because it makes me fell like i am a ninja.

baby animal college

riley1.jpgkyogre_chibi_by_redpawfigurines-d30rtg5.jpg4c61febf7dae8b749e773d7617844fc2--cute-puppies-funny-cute-puppys.jpgbaby_kyogre_by_erovoid-d86nqgu.jpgimages (3).jpgcute-baby-animals-10.jpg74b3d7514e355852ee059db5ab1d986e--pug-chihuahua-pug-puppies.jpgthe fun thing about doing this was that we can scavenge through cute photos.

the hard thing about doing this was that I had to look through the most cutest animals in the world.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Breathless. SJSL .L3.  2016.
WALT make text-to-self connections.
Answer the following questions using FULL sentences.

  1. How do I support my friends and team members? How I support my friends and team members is by being good to your team. And friends but if it is your team you have to use sportsmanship.
  2. How does it feel to be part of a social group? It feels like I am  family to them and a team.
  3. Is it ever OK to lie or break rules? No it is not because when you lie your team and your friends will not have your trust anymore.
  4. How do I decide when it’s OK for me to lie or break rules?when you have to lie and break the rules is when you are sticking up for someone or when someone has died.
  5. What can I do to make myself feel better when I have made a mistake? You either have to own up to it or just say it was you.
  6. What would it feel like to live with an illness like asthma or diabetes? I would not like it because people would stay away from me and i would not have friends.
Write a Reading Response Journal post on your blog.

  • Write the Title of the story. breathless
  • Recount what happened in the story. What happened in breathless was that they tried to dress the tigers mascot in their teams t-shirt.
  • What is the main idea of the story? The main idea is sportsmanship.
  • What did you like best and why? When the boy landed flat on his face.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Taku Whanau

WALT specify who someone is and what their relationship is to you (or someone else).

what I found challenge embracing  was that we had to and was that we had to go a class and get a picture with our brother or sister.

for our digital learning we did things about our family and things to do with our pepeha.

Taku whānauKia ora. Ko Maika au.Ko Steven taku koro. Ko Pearl taku kuia. Ko Peter taku pāpā. Ko Kylie taku māmā. Ko Ihaka taku tuakana. Ko Anahera taku tuahine. Ko au tana tungāne. Ko Tipene taku teina.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Our class room created our own diamante  poem.

The thing I liked about doing this was when I got to see all the chocolate images.

The thing I did not like about it was when I was scavenging through and looking at the delightful chocolate.

Friday, September 22, 2017

endangered animals

we were reading bats that walk on the ground.
the hard thing about doing this is when we had to publish it to my blog and get the images.
the thing I like about it was when I had to just remembered that tutara are endangered.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

WALT stretch out our writing and make it more interesting.

Writing Workshop 2, 19/9/2017.
WALT stretch out our writing and make it more interesting.
Success Criteria: We started out with a simple sentence then made it better.
Our simple sentence was I walked home from school yesterday.

Yesterday I slowly walked home from school. I was feeling lazy and the beautiful sun was shining brightly down on my face making me relaxed. That's when I noticed something by my leg and I looked down. I saw a unicorn at my foot. It was mystical. I then heard an attractive tui cackling it’s melody. Then I saw a majestic crab with it’s rainbow legs. It tried to lure me with its  I tried to take my eyes off of it but it was stylish but then I finally saw my house was close. To the beach so then when I did my bag I went back to  where I saw it but then it vanished so then I went back and tucked myself in my blanket.

the hard part of doing this work was when I had to fix up all my work and do my punctuation.