Friday, March 31, 2017

WALT write an opinon

I think dogs are better than cat’s.
Dogs have heightened senses. They can guard your house when you have gone shopping.
Their sense of hearing is good because they can hear people from far away. they can also smell very good and they can bite a burglars butt.They are very protective too.
Dogs are helpful for humans.
They can help blind people. They help them to walk. when it comes to stairs and holes they bark or howl to help them out.
Dogs are playful and when you’re bored you can play with them and they play with you when you are doing nothing.
Dogs are playful and they play with you and when you are lying down it licks your face.
That is why I believe dogs are better than cats.



1 comment:

  1. You have many good points to your opinion about dogs are better than cats. I only have dogs so I agree with your post. Your photo supports your post - this makes reading your blog a little more interesting.
    Keep posting each week.